Universal Command Line
Get relevant data from tools, in seconds!
Enter commands and queries to search, view and perform actions on data from all your engineering tools.
All the goodness of a Command Line
And more, for your tools
Initialize by connecting your tools. Kloudi currently connects with tools through API Keys and OAuth.

connect with sentry
github init
Enter commands to search relevant data from tools using an AI powered command line.

ls issues last 24hrs
view open tickets
View data and perform relevant actions without the clutter of alerts, notifications and mindless navigation.

sentry mark issue done
create an issue on gh
Built in tools supported by Kloudi
DatadogBitbucketAmazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)RollbarOpsgenie
BashVercelMongoB AtlasSlackMicrosoft Azure
BetaAlphaComing Soon
🛡 Your privacy is our priority
All form factors of Kloudi can be run locally, giving you 100% functionality and performance from the safety of your system.
How developers use Kloudi
Kloudi is built for developers, to help them solve the problem of managing data across tools and the cognitive overload that comes with a decoupled toolkit. Here's how you can use Kloudi.
🔍 Universal Search
Move away from the archaic way of searching for data within your tools and learning how to use them. With unified command line powered by AI you can now search and view data that matters to you.
Queries helps you to build context for data from your tools
🧩 Contextual Navigation
Minimize navigating across tools by connecting your tools with Kloudi. Connecting tools enables connecting the dots to build context required to solve your next bug faster!
Any tool with an API can be added to Kloudi.
🏎 Faster Actions
Paraphrasing J.R.R Tolkien from Lord of the Rings,

 One ctrl+k to connect them all,
 One ctrl+k to find them
 One ctrl+k to bring them all,
 And in the darkness bind them. 
Get started with Kloudi for free
Run the command to launch Kloudi app and server locally.
Available on macOS · Beta
Copy to Clipboard
bash -c "$(curl -L https://raw.githubusercontent.com/kloudi-tech/local/release/get_kloudi.sh)"

  - macOS version 10.14 or newer
  - Docker for macOS required
Get started with Kloudi from anywhere.
Available on all platforms · Beta
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